Mysteries Of Atlantis
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Cayce`s incredible story of Atlantis as pieced together from over 700 life readings.

Recent geological and archeological discoveries that confirm statements Cayce made over 50 years ago.

The first published results of research in Egypt and the Bahamas searching for records of Atlantis sponsored by the Edgar Cayce Foundation.

The first popular publication of the 1984 carbon dating of the Great Pyramids-- Indicates that the Pyramid is 400 years older than accepted Egyptian Chronology.

Do future Earthquakes threaten the Eastern U.S.? 1987 Scientific publication agrees with Cayce.


Authors: Edgar E. Cayce, Gail Cayce Schwartzer, Dr. Douglas Richards

Updated to 2006. First printed by Harper/Collins in 1988 and reprinted by St Martins Press in 1997, with a new chapter describing the archeological and geological discoveries between 1988 and 1997 that continue to substantiate what Edgar Cayce said about the past, "Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited" takes a scientific look at Edgar Cayce`s "readings" about past and future events. Edgar Cayce, America`s best known and best documented psychic, became famous for his diagnoses of individual's ailments and suggestions for their cure. Some of his readings did refer to past earth changes, even mentioning the mythical lost land of Atlantis, and possible future earth changes. Using research techniques, not available when Cayce's readings were given, the authors evaluated this information in the light of recent geological and archeological discoveries, including efforts to carbon date the Great Pyramid. St. Martins new edition contains all of the original material plus an update detailing discoveries made between 1988 and 2006 such as:

These and other findings continue to support the accuracy of what Edgar Cayce said about the past.

"Mysteries of Atlantis Revisited" -- The latest book on the Atlantis question - factual, comprehensive and well written.

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